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How To Prep Your Lawn For Summer

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Summer is on its way to Michigan!

Soon, the temperatures will be higher, and the way you take care of your lawn and yard can change after winter. 

Do you know the right way to take care of your lawn so you have a lush, green lawn in the summer for your friends and family to enjoy?

At The Turf Guys, we believe your backyard should be a fun space you can enjoy all year round, and we want to help you learn the right way to mow, fertilize and treat your lawn with these simple tips.

  • When mowing, set your mower to the highest cut setting, or one notch down from that. Cut the lawn, but make sure you don’t remove more than 1/3 its height in a single pass. Space your cuts a couple days apart to avoid leaving behind large clumps of grass clippings.
  • Feed your lawn! Apply a fertilizer per the rate instructions on the bag that matches your spreader. If you aren’t sure how to properly treat your lawn, The Turf Guys can help! We provide several fertilization treatments as part of our Ann Arbor lawn treatment services.
  • Water your lawn only when necessary. Usually, spring is damp, especially in Michigan. However, if it is dry where you are, get out the sprinkler. Your lawn typically requires one inch of water per week. 
  • Start your spring/summer lawn maintenance by raking. Give your yard a thorough, deep raking before you begin to mow or treat the grass. This allows you to pull up any dead spots or compacted areas that need attention. If you notice compacted spots, The Turf Guys provides aeration services to loosen the soil and allow the grass to grow easily!
  • If your lawn is weed prone, early spring can be a good time to apply herbicides. It’s easier to get rid of persistent weeds before they have a chance to grow. Click here to find out more about the weed treatment services we offer!

Looking For More About Ann Arbor Lawn Treatment?

The Turf Guys has been caring for lawns in Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities for over 25 years! We know what it takes to produce the best lawns in the area, and when you hire us, you’re hiring the experts in Ann Arbor lawn treatment. Our customer service is quick and responsive, and we offer quality prices! Call us today at 734-769-1775!